Essence of linear algebra

Essence of linear algebra contains 15 video lectures by Grant Sanderson (3blue1brown). The subjects of the lectures are vectors, linear combinations, matrices, determinants, inverse matrices, systems of linear equations, dot products, cross products, transformations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors. The lectures give a geometric understanding of linear algebra.

Essence of linear algebra is used as a supporting part in the broad and basic graduate course Introduction to mathematics for researchers. One module in the course is about matrices and vectors and the video lectures by Grant Sanderson are an efficient help for the students to get an overview and broad understanding for the subject of the module. To activate the students, and to show them how they relatively easy can reproduce the advanced graphs in the lectures, they are offered Graphing Calculator files that they can interact with. You can download this set of files to try for yourself. The software you need to open the files can be downloaded from Pacific Tech and the files are best viewed in dark mode.

Please contact Bo Johannesson if you want to get access to the entire maths course.